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Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Whether you’re a people leader or an individual contributor leading a team, I'm thrilled that you are here at the official website of Nielsen Executive Coaching LLC.

I'm a leadership coach, so what does that mean? My life purpose is to support you in your leadership and personal journey to navigate your career growth, elevate you to your full potential, and co-create a life of joy and fulfilment in the midst of today's chaos and ambiguity with zest and grit.

Your inner voice without any checks or balances will sometimes tell you 1) not to take risks, 2) hold you back out of fear of failure or making mistakes, 3) being judged by others, doing what others expect of you, and so on and so forth.

The noise in your head can be so distracting, debilitating, and annoying. This voice, called the Inner Critic, is very loud and it speaks to you with the intent to keep you safe and comfortable (acting from a high need for security) or as aggressive, intimidating, and controlling (from your high desire for independence). I listened to my own inner critic and negative self-talk for over 30 years before I got coached.

Now, I make it my mission to partner with others get out of that negative head space and learn how to tune out the LIES (YES, LIES!) and turn on our inner wisdom (it is there, just suppressed so long by our default inner critic voice).

I am your coach if your inner voice says these things like:

  • I’m not worthy of…
  • I’m not capable of…
  • I’m not good enough…
  • I shouldn’t do this now…
  • I can’t ask for…that is selfish
  • I am irritated at…or about…
  • I cannot change this…
  • I can’t deal with…
  • I can’t work with this…or person…
  • I need it this way or else it won’t work out…
  • It’s their (his/her) problem, not mine…
  • I will upset someone…

Together, we can assess the current challenges you are facing that hinders you from truly living your best life and feeling like your best self. Your real voice (what others hear) is a manifestation of your inner energy. Let's work from the inside out.